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                                                                  TYPICAL APPLICATIONS


The Flexible Filter is being used by a leading microwave

manufacturer of TWT’s, magnetrons, klystrons and other

microwave generating devises for use in radar, microwave

transmitters, electronic countermeasures systems and

microwave communications systems. Requirements for
filter are to provide attenuation of 100dB at frequencies

above 1000Mhz and to withstand temperatures of minus

67˚C to plus 200˚C. Only a five inch length is needed
obtain the required EMI suppression.


The Flexible Filter is presently being used by a leading

radar equipment manufacturer in classified airborne 

equipment. The function of the filter is to provide EMI

suppression of unwanted RF energy in the frequency
above 1500Mhz. It is used in the output of the TWT
eliminates harmonics and spurious signals. The

manufacturer has experienced a three-fold benefit by 

using the Flexible Filter: (1) material cost savings; 
weight savings; and (3) labor cost savings due to ease


The Filter is now being used as apart of cable assembly by

a leading manufacturer of microwave tubes and equipment.

The high attenuation characteristics of this filter has enabled

low-cost built-in EMI suppression of the power lines to

microwave equipment with a resulting cost savings. Six-inch

lengths, series-inserted in a cable harness, provides over 

100dB of attenuation from 150Mhz to above 45GHz.

Suppression of EMI generated by TWT’s, magnetrons,
   klystrons, microwave heating tubes and other microwave
   producing devices.

  EMI suppression occurring in electronic-
   equipment of all types, and by microwave

  Harmonic suppression in microwave
   systems such as radar,
 telecommunications, radio relay
   systems and transmitters.

•  Line and in-circuit EMI suppression
   in power supplies, test
 equipment, instrumentation, amplifiers,
    and subsystems.
•  Radio noise  suppression due to resonances, mutual coupling,

   undesired oscilations and spurious radio frequency energy.

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