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 The heart of a LossyLine Filter is the dissipative element.
 This element embodies a high temperature resisting (175˚C) epoxy resin,
 optimized as a magnetic lossy core, molded around the conductor,
 and case shielded,Hence, a true magnetic trap that absorbs rather than
 rejects or reflects unwanted energy. No oil is required to 
cool since there
 is a minimum heating effect, Practically no reactive current
 is present because there is little, if any, shunt capacity. LossyLine
 attenuates 100dB minimum, or beyond of standard instrumentation,

 from 100 KHz up to 100 GHz and attenuation does not fall off with current.
 The level of RF attenuation at full load currents is maintained because
 of freedom from saturation. The electrical characteristics of LossyLine
 suppress sine waves per MIL-STD-220A, and cause the collapse of
 transient spikes of all kinds, particularly those with short rise times.
 These spikes are not reflected or transferred to other conductors, but are
 dissipated as heat within the lossy element (no ringing effect)

  Extremely low reactive current because of the small shunt capacity
   (no power factor correction coils).
  Filter performance maintained under full load due to replacement
   of saturable iron cores with dissipative elements.
  Low voltage drop results in extremely low losses in pass band.
 • With microwave version, superior noise suppression up to 100
   GHz without dips or leaks.
  All transient spikes effectively dissipated in the lossy mixture
   rather than reflected or transferred
 • Eliminates ringing effect

            1. OPERATING VOLTAGE:
                500 VDCW or 125 VACW
                25, 60, 400, and 1,000 Hz.
             3.OPERATING CURRENTS:
                1-1000 amps
                Per MIL-STD-220A, 50Ω System
             5.APPLICABLE MIL-SPECS:
             6. END  SEALS (Optional):
                 Hermetically glass sealed
                 Epoxy resin sealed
                 Silicon rubber press-seal
             7. END TERMINALS:
                 Threaded stud with nuts
                 Solder lugs
                 Screw terminals
                 Also to customer specifications
                 Tubular Filters: Cadmium plated or hot-tinned
                 Boxed Filters: Hot-tin dipped, paint if required
              9.SURGE CURRENTS:
                  For 10 seconds at least 3 times maximum
                  Specified rating
            10.TEMPERATURE RANGE:
                 -55˚C to + 100˚  continuous duty Up to 150˚C
                 on request

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