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 The “LossyLine Flexible Filter is a new and unique filter
 for microwave EMI suppression up to 100Ghz. It is
 wire-like in form and unlike other filters, absorbs and dissipates

 EMI, thus eliminating characteristic problems of conventional
 types of EMI filters, such as, mismatch, reflection, necessity
 for grounding and high VSWR.

 Two to five inch lengths of the“LossyLine” Flexible Filter

 usually provide the required attenuation. When compared with
 conventional filtering methods, the “LossyLine”Flexible Filter
 is substantially lower  in cost. No special Fittings, connectors or
 housings are  necessary. The FlexibleFilter can also be installed
 in  series or employed in conjunction with existing harnesses
 or cables.

  EMI suppression of over 100db from 10MHZ to over 45GHz.
  • Attenuation provided by absorption and dissipation of
    undesired radio frequency energy.
  • Negligible inductance and capacitance does not affect
    circuit constants, eliminating mismatch and reflection
  • Flexible low cost, light weight, small diameter and sharp
    bend radius .
  • No special, bulky, weighty or costly  connectors, fittings or
    terminatons required.
  • Length can be trimmed to exact attenuation or EMI
    suppression requirements.

 • Suppression of EMI generated by TWT’s, magnetrons, 

    klystrons, microwave heating tubes and other microwave
    producing devices.
 • EMI suppression occurring in electronic-communications
   equipment of all types, and by microwave heating equipment.
 • Harmonic suppression in microwave systems such as radar,   
    telecommunications, radio relay systems and transmitters.
 • Line and in –circuit EMI suppression in power supplies, test
   equipment, instrumentation, amplifiers and subsystems.
 • Radio noise suppression due to resonances, mutual coupling,
   undesired oscillations and spurious radio frequency energy.

 SPECIFICATIONS –“LossyLine” Flexible Filters are available
  in the following nominal ratings:
 CURRENT CAPACITY AC/DC: 1, 5,10, 25, and 50 Amperes
 (Surge currents several times above value).
 VOLTAGES AC/DC: 500, 1000, 6000, 12K, 25K, 50K and 100K
 Volts (Test voltages are teice the rated DC voltage).

SHIELDING: Available shielded or unshielded.
to plus 100˚C, 150˚C, 200˚C, and 250˚C.
NOMINAL OUTSIDE DIAMETER: From, 135 to 285 inches.
MINIMAL BEND RADIUS: From, 50 to 1.0 inches.
WEIGHT PER FOOT: From 1/3 to 1 ounce.

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